splurge versus save: tribal earrings

When I first saw these tribal earrings late last summer, I was instantly intrigued. They are different and elegant. Naturally, I went into stalker mode and discovered that the pair I saw were Mise en Dior by Dior and that they start at $290 per earring. PER EARRING. I am cautious about buying into trends, especially expensive ones, so I held off on getting one.

As time went on, I did not forget about them and kept seeing them on stylish women. Dior has released them in more colors, like blue, green, black, pink, and textures, think matte, metallic. The earrings are so extremely popular that I hear they are sold out at Dior and going for double, triple, madness on eBay. If you must have an original, and for some that is important, contact a local SA and see if they can work something out for you.

Otherwise, here are a few options I found on Baublebar that are Dior-esque and a mere fraction of the price. Personally, I am drawn to the matte, fuchsia pair and at $18, I can afford to experiment.

Gum Tee Shirt, Dior

Jennifer Lawrence sporting a Dior Tee Shirt, Dior

Watercolor 360 StudsBaublebar

Pearl Bubblegum 360 StudsBaublebar

Metallic 360 StudsBaublebar

Trademark RST 2015

Suno RST 2015

Ostwald Helgason RST 2015

Marni RST 2015

Honor RST 2015

Chloe RST 2015

Bottega Veneta RST 2015

resort 2015, pt. 2

Since I love resort, I had a hard time limiting resort standouts to one post. So, here are some more of my favorite resort looks. I just couldn’t leave these out. Enjoy!


Veronica Beard RST 2015