emerson fry FW2014

The Emerson Fry FW2014 line was released this week. I was excited to see the full product line after viewing the preview earlier this month. The line features versatile pieces in mostly neutral colorways. It channels a quality over quantity vibe and balances masculine and feminine elements. I appreciate the simple, modern aesthetic of this line. I also appreciate that there is a continuity across seasons in design elements and signature items returning each season, like the luxe emerson t. I am pretty much obsessed with the topper coat and cobra slides shown here.  

12hrs in Copenhagen

12 hrs in Copenhagen: Fashion, food, and the happiest people on earth.

Copenhagen Fashionweek SS15

affordable, hip Copenhagen

Generator Hostels is a new kid on the hostel block with eight outposts in seven cities across Europe. They are currently available in the following cities: Barcelona, Berlin (has two), Copenhagen, Dublin, Hamburg, London, and Venice. Generator Hostels is set for expansion in 2015 with properties opening in Paris and Rome. Each property has unique attributes, for example, Generator Hamburg was once used as a recording studio for the Beatles! 

While I have not been (yet!) to confirm, I found the prices online start around 50 USD for a dorm style bed and shared bath. 

Check out some images from the Copenhagen outpost.


Here is a look that I styled with a visit to Copenhagen in mind. The city recently concluded fashion week for SS15. The street style and fashion presentation pictures that I saw documenting the event inspired me. I chose to stick with a neutral palette of soft grey and tan that seemed befitting to the environment of the city. 

cardigan | tee shirt | shorts | sunnies | watch | clutch | sandals | nail polish

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gamine style icon: Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is beyond a gamine style icon; she is a style icon. These words are thrown around pretty loosely these days with any ingenue with a great stylist and a hit outfit becoming an instant style icon. Audrey is the real deal. There are some specific things about her enduring style that make it gamine.

First, the cuts of her clothing. Audrey always wore impeccably tailored pieces. I suppose it did not hurt that she was good friends with Hubert de Givenchy, famed fashion designer. Second, her penchant for timeless, polished yet feminine pieces. Audrey could rock a trench (essential for a gamine), cropped black trousers (thinking of Funny Face), and the all important LBD. While I like her in the full glamour looks made famous in her films, when she won the Roman Holiday Oscar - I can relate to her quotidian looks and see how they work in modern times. Third, her tasteful, natural makeup. She was one of the originators of the strong brow. 

 I reference Audrey in movies like Roman Holiday (a personal favorite) regularly. You can look at images of Audrey from over 50 years ago that a current gamine could throw on and still look pretty and put together and not at all dated. Audrey Hepburn: forever cool, forever gamine. 


splurge versus save: tribal earrings

When I first saw these tribal earrings late last summer, I was instantly intrigued. They are different and elegant. Naturally, I went into stalker mode and discovered that the pair I saw were Mise en Dior by Dior and that they start at $290 per earring. PER EARRING. I am cautious about buying into trends, especially expensive ones, so I held off on getting one.

As time went on, I did not forget about them and kept seeing them on stylish women. Dior has released them in more colors, like blue, green, black, pink, and textures, think matte, metallic. The earrings are so extremely popular that I hear they are sold out at Dior and going for double, triple, madness on eBay. If you must have an original, and for some that is important, contact a local SA and see if they can work something out for you.

Otherwise, here are a few options I found on Baublebar that are Dior-esque and a mere fraction of the price. Personally, I am drawn to the matte, fuchsia pair and at $18, I can afford to experiment.

Gum Tee Shirt, Dior

Jennifer Lawrence sporting a Dior Tee Shirt, Dior

Watercolor 360 StudsBaublebar

Pearl Bubblegum 360 StudsBaublebar

Metallic 360 StudsBaublebar

Trademark RST 2015

Suno RST 2015

Ostwald Helgason RST 2015